9 Experiences that a Teenager Who has Flunked in a Class Goes...

9 Experiences that a Teenager Who has Flunked in a Class Goes Through

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School is one of the times when the teenagers are at their most confusing age. Knowing and understanding their perception to the world and adapting to the sin, tan and cos angles at the same time makes the life very difficult. So if you flunk in a class, there are a million things that you face. Here is the list that a teenager might face if he has flunked a class:


1. Sitting with the juniors who I used to make fun of is going to be so awkward. Crappppp! :(



2. Mom and dad are going to taunt me everyday now and I can not say anything. (P.s. I wish time had a rewind button, I would have studied more*sob sob*)



3. On top of that, teachers will always have something to poke me with now- ‘Beta padh lete to aaj ye din na dekhna padta..’



4. My previous class friends will become millionaires when they grow up and I will be still studying.



5. May be I am that special needs child who is not meant for studies like Einstein. I should work on my invention skills. Like really…?



6. Having lunch with these kids is going to be so embarrassing.



7. My sibling will be teasing me day and night for this. Failure failure failiure… on repeat now!


8. What will I say when I go for a job interview and they ask me about how I failed?


9. Will I be able to cope up now with this pressure? My heart says NO… my mind says GEAR UP DUDE!

So, may be life is actually difficult and knowing tangents right will fetch you marks but trust us, if you flunked in a Class, it is not the end of the world. There are so many better things life has to offer you! Make the most of it.

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