9 Things That Only People Living in Joint Family Understand

9 Things That Only People Living in Joint Family Understand

If you live in a joint family, you are the luckiest ever possible because you get all the love that exists in the world from all your lovely family members. Here are 9 things you will totally get if you live in a joint family.

When it is rajma chawal day, it simply does not remain just a dinner night. It ends up being a whole family feast where everyone eats together.


Having an SUV car becomes one of the chief priorities because you always need to attend shaadi or visit the uncle for dinner party and not all can fit in a 5-seater of course.
There is a rule to at least once in one year have a complete family get together trip where everybody starting from the grandparents to the grandchildren and even tommy gets to go to the outstation trip.


Somebody or the other in the family has a relative who is getting married soon and you guys are always out for dinner outing because you all can not be without each other.
And all the kids in the joint family are super spoilt because they want what the other one wants and the other one for sure wants what you already have. So basically, all kids get whatever they want.
No scope for privacy is one basic rule for any joint family because there is no room for people to be talking to their boyfriend or girlfriend because every room of the house is already taken over.
Sharing in your family is like a tradition. Starting from clothes to bags to even vegetables and dinners that the mommies make, everything is on sharing basis.
When there is a house function, you guys have the best gala time because it is kickass fun when you all are together and everybody gets to get drunk.
Too much gossip on the house is something that everyone eventually gets used to and think of it as a must-have in the family and loves it to the core!


Gif sources: Tumblr.com