9 Ways your Sibling is your Best Friend and Worst Enemy.

9 Ways your Sibling is your Best Friend and Worst Enemy.

Everybody has a best friend and the worst enemy. But if you have a sibling back home, you’ve got 2-in-1. Your siblings are the most bugging characters on the planet and the biggest saviors of the world. They’re just simply more than LIFE itself.

1. Keeping and Leaking Secrets: When it comes down to who you will be sharing your secrets with, it has to be your sibling and when someone is threatening to leak that same secret to blackmail you is also your sibling!

2. Protective and Hating Zone: If you have had a fight with someone, your sibling is the first one to fight back for you and at home he/she is the only one constantly hitting, fighting you. NO LOVE ZONE there.
3. Best Roomie and Worst Companion: Your sibling has been your roomie since forever but at the same time he/she is the worst one to deal with when it comes to room ki safaai. Then it becomes your personal room.
4. Relationship and Teasing Problems: Your boyfriend causing troubles, go to your agony aunt sibling and get the best of solutions and then when it is resolved with boyfriend and you are romancing your sibling will tease you to death.


5. Lawyering and Fighting: They’ll be your best lawyers when parents are being unreasonable and there will be days when they are going to fight you because they got bashed by parents because of you.
6. Childhood Memories and Torturing Teenage: We all get nostalgic thinking of the school days when our best friends were our siblings and we cried in our teenage because this ‘specie’ has caused us problems.


7. God chosen friends and our chosen enemies: They are our friends because God has chosen them for us and they are our enemies because we always find a reason to fight with them.


8. Fight-Resolve: The only set of people with who we end our fights within 2-hours max is our siblings because we have important stuff to gossip about with them.
9. Selfie-partner and worst photographer: They’re your only partners when it comes down to clicking too many selfie and if they’re your photographer then no-way in the world you’re gonna have good pictures.

So SHARE this with your Sibling to tell them how special they are in your LIVES and yet how much you hate them and at the same time LOVE them soooo….dearly.


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