A Conversation With My Dadu.This Will Forever Change How You Look At...

A Conversation With My Dadu.This Will Forever Change How You Look At Non-Science Streams

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By the end of this conversation most of your queries of career choices must be resolved. Counselling and advising is not unjust but undue pressure or even influence is very much unfair to the dreams of a child . Come on , if you weren’t born in an age of alternative careers , do not expect your child to be dumb enough to ignore all the brilliant unconventional opportunities that lay his way . You say dreaming is not a crime , but hoping and trying that your child dreams what you want him to is surely one . Have trust in your children , they wont let you down . 😉

Read this conversation now .

He : So my dear son which stream have you finally opted for ?

Me : Humanities . And I am loving it .

He : What the nonsense ,you just don’t know the realities of the world . You are too stupid to choose a stream for yourself .

Me: Anyways dadu , when did you take the degree of career counselling ?

He : Shut up you idiot . I thought since you were quite good at academics , you would be intelligent enough to choose the best stream .

Me : That was your misconception . If being brilliant in academics is intelligence then I really cant help it. Anyways who defines the ‘best stream’?

He : Its is not defined by anybody , we all know it well .Somethings do not need formal approval .

Me: We all know it wrong then , disciplines are not ranked in any order , thus your specification of one stream being the best sounds quite lame to me .

He : That is why I call you stupid . Don’t you know only science has scope these days . An engineer can do just anything .

Me : If it was so either half of the world was engineer or your leaders , writers, bankers , media-people , civil servants , diplomats , CAs , actors , teachers would simply be in the category of fools , because they do not come from your ‘Best Stream’ . Yet they are very much successful .

He: But you know only duffers or those who cannot do well in other subjects opt for a non-science stream . I may understand you , the world wont .

Me: I don’t even want the world to, for I know they never will . And it is absolutely fine . People who call children duffers just because they weren’t able to do well in tests are seriously not worth your explanations. I am happy daddu and that’s what matters.

He : Whatever science is the highest , the realities won’t change with your disagreements .

Me: Okay then . If that’s your belief and it keeps you happy then what is the harm? Just that do not try to impose or even influence others with an uninformed opinion .

He : You nerd will never understand . You are a stubborn . You’ve been so rude not to understand the wise experience of mine . You will repent .

Me : Thanks for sparing your time for me . I respect your opinion , you have full right to it . But I love mine because it keeps me happy and going . So no regrets . Once again , thanks .