An Open Letter To The Great Men And Women Of Our Country...

An Open Letter To The Great Men And Women Of Our Country . “It Hurts”

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Dear all the great men and women of our country,

November 2013 . I was just 12 years old , yet you must not be surprised at me sinking into a magazine like Tehelka . I surely wasn’t a CBI officer at the age of twelve so I do not regret not having researched the history of the magazine , nor the geography of either it’s founder or editors . Seriously , who does that anyways ? I was a passionate reader , I even contributed a few times to the magazine . I thought they were guys who made a lot of sense and logic . I was indeed impress , I must confess .  And tadda …..”Mr.Tejpal arrested over sexual harassment of one of his employees in the lift at Think Fest “

September 2013 . He was worshiped as the untainted god-men . An empire , he owned . The count of his followers was certainly much more than the population of many European nations . Little had anybody thought, their god could ever do something bad . They even called him ‘Bapu’ , the only second person to be called so , after the father of the nation .And tadda …….”Asaram accused of sexually assaulting a minor”