5 Places On Earth Where Your Facebook Account Will Not Work

5 Places On Earth Where Your Facebook Account Will Not Work

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What your facebook isn’t working?  The probability is you are in one of the following places where facebook is BANNED. Yes, you hear it right, even facebook is banned somewhere!


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1. China  : The Great Firewall of China !

This isn’t a fancy acronym we’ve crafted, but the name of China’s censorship programme for social media! Facebook was banned in 2009 during Ürümqi riots after it was perceived that Xinjiang activists were using Facebook to startergize. (Thank god , they didn’t notice activists were drinking water too, or it would have been banned too)

Since then, China’s ruling Communist Party has kept internet in its arms, regularly deleting posts and blocking access to websites it doesn’t find good-looking.

The ban on Facebook was lifted in September 2013.

But only within a 17-square-mile free-trade zone in Shanghai and only for businessmen and traders to have them at ease. The rest of the China, i.e 1 in ever 7 people on this earth still can’t access it! LOL




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2.  North Korea

Be ready to get the shock of  your life to know this country on earth has no INTERNET at all !  It has a INTRANET (internal net) called Kwangmyong, which is generally used to get only birthday wishes! The people have never used facebook here, not even once. Don’t expect to see Kim Jong-un’s personal Facebook page any time soon.




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3. Iran 

Facebook was banned after 2009 election amid fears of opposition using it. Though this was expected to be only a temporary move, the ban has not been lifted yet. Think of somebody who created their facebook account a night before it was banned, and never got a chance to look back for notifications again.

Imagine how foolish of us, social media, our hastags and posts again what wrong goes on this Arab country is never even read. Yet we go on …Wah wah wah.





4. Cuba

Facebook isn’t actually banned in Cuba but it indeed is. Not kidding..

Internet is not accessible to Cubans from their homes except to politicians, journalists and medical students. For the rest of the country, INTERNET CAFES are the only way of connecting to net. And for a country with average salary $20, the charge for an hour of net is between $6 to $10.

And this high value doesn’t even mean better speed, every web page takes minutes to open!

Abhi bhi chalani hai kya facebook ? 😛




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5. Pakistan

Pakistani Govt. was outraged after an online competition ran on facebook for submitting cartoons of Prophet. This in facebook , the Islamic nation found humiliating and anti-national, that the website was banned.  The ban was lifted two weeks later but Pakistan vowed to continue blocking individual pages that seemed to contain blasphemous content. And hence ordinary citizens often find pages and profiles blocked because govt. doesn’t want them to it.  How great, right ? -_-