Another Taj Mahal Being Built in UP!

Another Taj Mahal Being Built in UP!

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Breaking News! After three and a half centuries another ‘begum-loving’ Shahjhan is building a mini-Taj Mahal for his dead wife whose name inspirationally was Tajmulli (Taj-Mulli) in UP again, at Bulandshahr.

Fazial Hasan Qadri, retired postmaster who lost his wife in 2011 due to throat cancer is erecting the replica of the world’s wonder at his village in Western UP , Kesar Kalam.


And pretty surprisingly the whole structure you see in the image is built for a mere figure of 11 lacs!

Amazingly pretty similar to Taj Mahal, the structure has four minars, a dome, a water body around it and a park is being developed.  However the work of marble and the park is put to hold due to financial constraint. The retired postmaster initially sold his 6 lac farm land and the silver and gold jewelries of his wife to fund the monument.


He buried his wife in his farmland and later began the construction. He has even got a little space spared for himself to be buried there. The monument is also famous among the locals who flock kilometers to see it. Qadri has even been called by the UP CM to appreciate his efforts!


He says the idea of building a Taj Mahal came to him after he and his wife were wondering if anybody would ever remember them after their death.

Amazing isn’t it ? Though Tajmulli have been much happier to see a Taj Mahal for her being built while she was alive. Better late than never.

Face and Image Source : Hindustan Times