Awesome Ideas For Revamping your Room in Budget Cost

Awesome Ideas For Revamping your Room in Budget Cost

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We know one thing that teenagers simply hate doing is cleaning their room. But what if we say we can make your room look absolutely stunning without creating a hole in your pocket, how would you like the idea? Imagine there are so many things that could give your room an amazing make over. Find them out right here on


Decorate with Fairy Lights: Fairy Lights are the easiest and the best possible addition to your room. Decorate your room with these and be the interior designer of your room yourself!

Fairy Lights

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The DIY-Hand Tree Painting: Draw a beautiful tree like structure on your wall and paint it to perfection. This design will add a new glory to your room.

Hand Tree


Add Old Black and White pictures with Frames: Now on the tree that you just made above, add old black and white photographs to add a little of yourself to the room.

Picture Frame

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The Old Lamp Makeover: Paint that old lamp at your home with bright new colors. Add a personalized touch and don’t worry, you do not have to be an artist to do this. Paint them as you want. Nobody is judging.


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The Old New Pitara: If you have those old suitcase boxes at your home, then do not throw them away. Paint them in neon colors and stack them up. These will act as a beautiful make over tip for the room.
The Guitar Sound: If you are a music fan, plan on adding some guitar chord paintings on your wall. These will elevate your love for music and at the same time make your room look divine.
The Caged Bird Beauty: These sweet little caged beauties are available every where nowadays. Give them a touch of your hand by decorating them with flowers and leaves.
A Small Shoe Rack: Bring home a small shoe rack to avoid all those shoe clutter all the time. This will definitely be a wise investment and save you the trouble of shoe-hiding every time a guest is coming.
Shoe rack

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The Upside Down Umbrella Rule: Bring home some bright colored umbrella and hug them from your ceiling upside down. Do not overdo this. A maximum of three umbrella will suffice this style and brighten up your room.
The Cute Little Planter: Bring some life to your room with a tiny little planter. Always remember to place it near the window and water it timely.

Give your room a make over and SHARE pictures with us in comments below!

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