A Basic Guide to Dating A Leo Woman

A Basic Guide to Dating A Leo Woman

I'm A Leo, Hear Me Roar!

What is it like to date a Leo woman – having a true soulmate by your side who will make you learn to be comfortable in your skin or being with a lioness who will rip you off if you dare harm her individuality. A Leo woman is the embodiment of romance and passion who can tame all your troubles but can’t be tamed herself. There are a few things you should keep in your mind, heart, soul and blood before you bombard your pick up lines on her because if you don’t treat her right, she will show you where you stand.

She won’t let you take the lead

What were you thinking? The person you’re dating is a born badass leader who is not bound to follow your footsteps like a puppet. She will listen to you at first but won’t hold herself back from shutting your mouth if she feels you’re talking nonsense. You can convince her with love and logical arguments but never with your male chauvinistic bossy attitude. Don’t expect her to nod her head like a so-called ideal girlfriend. Any opposition to her desire for calling the shots in the relationship can be a total turn-off for a Leo girlfriend.  leo.w529.h352

She will appreciate grand gestures

It definitely doesn’t mean that she would be a gold digger. In fact she will be independent enough to manage to pay her bills all by herself. But when it comes to expression of feelings, she will love it if you woo her with fancy things. Most certainly she will as well be reciprocating all those efforts. Such girls are one heck of high-maintenance and enjoy when they get someone who meets their standards.


She will have a number of followers

A Leo woman has this amazing charm which can draw anyone near to her. This charisma and flamboyant persona of hers can get her men from all the corners of the world who are dying to fall at her feet just to make your girl theirs. But such a huge following doesn’t make her lag behind in the race of loyalty. She will keep all the other men aside and show the world that she has been taken only if you promise to create a heaven for her. Treat her right and you will get the most loyal, passionate and nearly perfect girlfriend that no other sign in the universe can ever be.


Don’t ever ask her to ditch her dreams

Her dreams keep her alive and she can break the shackles to make them come true because she is destined to do so. A Leo woman is incredibly ambitious and loves it when her partner is equally serious about his future. She can never accept to sit back like a nobody and let the world know her by your surname. You’re most likely to see her fiercest side if you ever ask her to bid goodbye to her ambitions.


Keep the love life exciting

Whether its a new holiday plan or just a role-play to spice up your relationship, your outgoing and social girlfriend would love to play around and have fun. Don’t let the adventure meter go down. She would be fun and observant who would love poking fun of you in harmless ways and teasing you to make you smile. Fun can be the USP of your relationship so make you sure to have abundant of that because this lioness doesn’t like things to be low, dull and monotonous.


Take the charge when it comes to romance

Just because she has the caliber to lead, doesn’t mean that she will let you sit back and relax doing absolutely nothing. She would enjoy being with an assertive man who loves her like he really means it. She would like to be given lots of attention on the romantic front be it hugs, cuddles, kisses, and all kinds of verbal endearments. A Leo woman is not usually one of those who seek flings and one night stands so if you’re really looking for someone who wishes to have a passionate fairytale worthy love story, she might be the one for you.