The Best Thing You Will WatchThis Republic Day ! Watch What Happens...

The Best Thing You Will WatchThis Republic Day ! Watch What Happens To The ISIS Jihadi Who Is Asked To Bomb India

As India celebrates its 67th Republic Day, an ISIS jihadi is given the assignment to bomb India, but what happens next will leave you even prouder of your nation.

video originally posted by PostPickle

How beautifully this video brings out the real difference in India and other nations. Emerging out a struggle painted with blood clots of Indians (religion was not even a factor back then), shaped by one of the most rational and liberal constitutions of the world, and most finely embraced by one of the most tolerant human species on this earth.

Well, that’s how India is. We might keep reminding ourselves of little troubles and evils within us chronically, but it’s an openly received fact that we are the best example of pularity.

And this is why, be it ISIS, Taliban or any other terrorist organization lying about being islamic and illiterate of the meaning of even true jihad will fail to hurt us any bit.

We may not be the most powerful nation, militarily yet, but we are certainly the most beautiful one. Like they say, beauty is not on the face, but in the heart. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day !


Jai Hind.