Breaking News : 1-2 Terrorists In Parliament !

Breaking News : 1-2 Terrorists In Parliament !

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Yes , if our beloved Sadhvi Prachi seems to have been way too much disturbed by the Yakub hanging that she is pretty disheartened to announce having made the big discovery of ‘one or two’ terrorists in the parliament !

Well, not to confuse you these are our dear Sadhvi’s reaction to some MPs opposing Yakub’s hangings as reported by Hindustan Times.


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Sadhvi ji has always had enough pearls in our controversial mouth. Remember madam’s Haramzade-Ramzade Theroy of Delhi Elections ?

This is not all ,

Sadhvi has also called the Hindu outfits to set on fire the movies of Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir. She once called Mahatma Gandhi a British Agent. And of course her brilliant suggestion of having four kids in every hindu family remain one of the most intellectual advise to the man kind ever in the age of struggling one-child parents. And the best part she herself has no kids . LOL


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“It is my humble request to the Centre that after the security agencies are through with their necessary investigations the arrested Pakistani terrorist should be handed over to Hindu outfits which alone can teach him a good lesson,” she said commenting on the terrorist caught on Wednesday.

Ab bhagwan hi jaane hamari poojniye Sadhvi ji us terrorist ka kya karvana chahti hai. 

Hey Ram !