Some Breathtaking Reasons To Date A Punjabi Kudi

Some Breathtaking Reasons To Date A Punjabi Kudi

Kyuki Yeh Toh Paida Hi Hot Hui Thi!

Was Jab We Met ever possible without a Bhatinda ki Sikhri Geet who could jump off the running train to follow his man and later threaten him to drop her home safe and sound? A dulhaniya like Kavya who is moody enough to call off her wedding if she doesn’t get to wear her Kareena wala lehanga but also romantic enough to choose the love of her life over a seemingly perfect NRI groom can only hail from Punjab. Punjabi girls are known for their upbeat personality, gutsy attitude and marshmallow heart. From getting talli in pubs to being draped in a salwar kameez with chunni over head while visiting Gurudware, they are the hard to resist Indian recipe with a perfect blend of both traditional and modern ingredients. I could simply go on with a never ending list of reasons to date these proper patolas, but lets present before you the best ones noone can disagree with!

Food is their first love!

Be it that thele wali chatpati chaat or dhabbe ke chhole bhatoore, noone can take you to a long street food drive in a more exciting way than your Punjabi girlfriend. For them, a perfect romantic date is synonymous with swallowing up some delicious Punjabi cuisines followed by gulping down a glassful of badami lassi. If you’re a foodie yourself, what better package could you get than a girl who’s 24×7 high on food!


Patiala pegs, on the way!

If you’re thinking that food is the only thing that runs over their minds, you’re definitely mistaken. Punjabis are called party animals for a reason. They can get more shots down their body than you could, that too without getting high. Alcohol runs in their blood! In the course of a nashili relationship with your Punjabi bae, be ready to have a blast every Saturday night because they can literally celebrate even gandhi jayanti raising a toast of ‘virgin mojito’!


Lak 28 kudi da, 47 weight kudi da

If this tagline ever seems to justify them (once in a blue moon), the first thing they get to hear from their family is “Dieting karke ho gayi maadi, Kahto arh gayi teri garaari”. Because Punjabi girls are not meant to be skinny, they have the perfect curvaceous desi figure men keep falling at their feet for. And the miraculous part is that even after feeding on a couple of desi ghee ke paranthe every effing day, they manage to maintain their curves without gaining even an ounce of fat. Leone da figure!


When it comes to dance, they can even put Shakira to shame!

Never watched a Punjabi kudi dance at a Punjabi wedding? If you haven’t, then you must. They are a pro at desi beats. The adrenaline rush in their body as soon as they hear DJ wale babu playing their favorite gaana makes some unbeatable Bhangra and Giddha moves come out. They take pride in pouring their heart out on the dance floor and make every party one heck of a crazy memory!


There’s nothing in this world they can’t get with their unbeatable bargaining skills

So you thought your mom was the best? Go shopping with your Punjabi girlfriend and be ready for some astonishing bargaining lines being bombarded at the shopkeeper. “Hum toh regular customer hain”, “Us shop me ye 250 ka hi tha”, “Itne ka de do bhaiya, 2 le lungi”, they have more tricks up their sleeve than you can ever imagine. Wanna get amazing discounts at malls, negotiations with flat brokers or extra dhaniya pudina from sabziwalas, take your Punjabi kudi with you on every shopping trip!


Punjabiyon da dil vadda hota hai!

She can be a ‘Shera Di Komb’ lioness who doesn’t hold herself back in any challenge life throws, at the same time she can be that ‘chhui mui’ kudi who cries herself to sleep if her relationship is going through a tough phase. She’d stand by your side like a rock in all the crests and troughs come what may.