Cracking the Secret Code: How do Moms know EVERYTHING?

Cracking the Secret Code: How do Moms know EVERYTHING?

One woman without whom our life is simply tragic and sad is our one and only MOM. They simply know it ALL and by all I mean starting from what you want to eat, what you want to wear, where your hair clip is, to if this is the right guy/girl for us. They are epitome of knowing-it-all and that, to the best. So this is a small check on guessing how do moms know it all?


1. She is the MOM: Our moms have some God-gifted telepathy. She has all the answers to all your stupidest questions.
 2. There is no LOGIC for what she says: Because she is Mother India, she just has to say something. No matter how it sounds to you, it is right because she is the one saying it. No arguments. Period.
 3. Queen of the House: Since forever we have been wondering how humari pyaari maa knows where are my shoes to where is my hair clip to where the dad’s lost sock is. Here is why- because she is the ONE who keeps it there! She is the queen of the house, she always knows what’s where.
 4. The Cooking Master: Pasta today, gheeya tomorrow. Why Mom? Why? How do moms know that today we want to eat pasta and tomorrow some cranky vegetable is because she has been looking into our food habits. Beginning from what Ceralac we had to how hot our milk should be, she knows it because she is eyeing on us.
 5. Guy choices: Your mom will always guess what guy you’re checking out and will foretell you that this friend of yours is not a wise choice. How? Because she has seen the world. So while you’re busy figuring out this guy or that guy, she has already chosen the right one for you!
 6. The questioning sessions: Remember the days when your mom asks you random things and says cute little sentences like ”jitna bata sakte ho utna bata do” and then when you say that’s all, she will emotional blackmail you to hear the complete story. That is exactly how she knows it all.
7. The Lone-Tear: The teary-eyed is the tried and tested formula of moms worldwide to emotionally get their children to speak out things! So, stay away from this weapon by moms.
8. The Undying LOVE: So, now we get down to the actual reason why our moms know everything. The sole reason that makes our mom the best on the planet and the reason behind our happiness. The undying LOVE that all our moms hold for us, the affection with which she has pampered us all these years and the way even if we get slightly hurt, she gets 10x hurt than us. And it is simply because of her unconditional love that she has held in heart for us and will be keeping it beyond forever.



So, all the dearest moms, this is token of THANKS for all the affection, love and care that you’ve been bestowing on us. We might not say it often but we love you a lot, might be too less when compared to your love but it definitely is so much more than you’ll ever know.

Thanks Maa. :)


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