Some Crucial Things To Know While Dealing With A January Born Partner

Some Crucial Things To Know While Dealing With A January Born Partner

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Saturn rules the practical sign of Capricorn and controls the month of January. There may come a time when you find yourself in love with one of these January borns, and when that time comes, these little nuggets of knowledge might just help you navigate the relationship. After all dating is already a complicated business so seeking a tiny meany help from the stars is not at all a crime. Mug up the clues and help yourself sail through the sea of love with your January born sweetheart.

They Aren’t Expressive When It Comes To Love

Want a partner who screams out loud his/her feelings ten times a day? A January born is not for you then. They don’t commit unless and until they’re sure as hell but once they are, no one can ever come in between their partner and them. Dating them might bring along tons of tears in the early stage of your relationship since they don’t express their love evidently. By the same token, they’re fiercely attracted to power and successful people and they may marry into wealth. By it doesn’t mean that once they’ve found the one, they would choose money over love. It’s just that you’ll have a hard time in making your partner learn to openly communicate their deep feelings and open up to the intangible world of emotions.


Wildness runs in their blood

Don’t fall prey to the serious expressions on their faces and those frown lines on their foreheads. As soon as you start to turn the pages of their life, you get to see an exceptional wide side of their personality. Don’t even judge it to be a split personality disorder! They just manipulate their nature and habits according to the people they are dwelling with. They’re one of those party animals who anxiously wait for the Saturday night to hit the dance floor and show the world some cool raw moves. They don’t leave even a single chance to entertain people in their own weird ways. Date one of these winter pals and you’d never get bored!


Either they lead, or they’re simply not interested

Calling the shots in the course of relationship with a January born might be as near to impossible as imagining life on Antartica! Either you let them have it their way or be ready to bid a goodbye forever. It’s their call or no call at all. Their natural tendency to organize people and lead them as per their will at all times could hinder their sensitivity to others. When they command, they don’t you any options. Bossy as they are, their dominant attitude may make you bump into arguements over your violated freedom of speech and expression, but that’s how your relationship will go on. However, if they have got upto that extent of love, they won’t leave any stone unturned in making you feel complete.


They can give even the top comedians, a run for money

Wittiest and funniest of all, January borns are the ones you’d need the most when you feel low. They’ve an innate sense of humor and being mum over sarcasm isn’t there in their vocabulary. They’ve the caliber to reply to even the most offensive comments made by their foes with a witty grin that leaves everyone speechless. However, they don’t entertain stupidity but do jump into doing crazy things at times they’ve nothing else to do or are extremely bored. Their unbeatable witty attitude is a reason behind them sounding a little repulsive but their crappy and weird ideas will surely make your jaw drop and your stomach ache.