Disturbing Powerful Pictures That Expose Our Lives

Disturbing Powerful Pictures That Expose Our Lives

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Look what our world has come to – ūüėÄ

1 . Inane objectification of women. And no, it is not just about Bollywood or advertisments, almost of all our productions and publicity material is so badly infected with the idea of women being mere sex toys, that we’ve come to ignore it.




2. Isn’t it so dangerous, we deny people of a certain sexual orientation the right to be themselves. Their exclusion from the checkbox-human has been well aided by stupid babas, politicians, not-funny gay jokes and law. Even the fight for equality seems to comfortably ignore them.



3. Social media has become a tool of not just sub-standard publicity, but torturing independent voices. Intolerance is not just a problem with few groups or people, but with the kind of language and gestures that we use for those who do not agree with us.



4. Half the world is starving and the other half is busy dieting. ¬†Remember the recent notice by a food giant to its employees to not allow kids like the one in the photograph below, to¬†even stand near the ‘modern’ outlets.



5. The narrow minds, which we did not inherit but adopted. And the blockades of irrationality that we have built for ourselves.



5. Our addiction to the small devices, that have come to hold the most of our world has made us the slaves of our own invention. Emotions have been over-ridden by emojis and relationships by statuses.



6. Abandoning real physical activity has come at the cost of violent, addictive gaming. Leave the harm that no-exercise lifestyle does, the kind of video-games we are giving our kids is only making them lesser humane.



7. The wicked lust of attention. Doing anything, just for the sake of catching eye balls and minting money has at best become the profession of most of our world. We do not do what we feel is right, but only what works in the dog eat dog world.



8. Certainly we have entered an age where being born rich makes a tremendous difference to the kind of person you become with all the good schools, hospitals, lesiure and everything. Exposure to ideas and thoughts also needs to be bought. And hence only a small portion of elite gets access to most of the resources.



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It is not about being pessimistic and failing to see the good in the world, but about constantly reminding ourselves of the urgent need to make small good efforts to make the world a much better place to live, for everybody.