Exploring the Sea and the Sea Bed

Exploring the Sea and the Sea Bed

We all have explored the sea as we visit Goa in our vacations, but have you ever thought of life under that sea and the mysteries that prevail under it. Here is a list of 10 odd mysteries that have been revealed about the sea. This will leave you absolutely baffled.

1. Giant Oarfish: Up to 11 metres in length, oarfish is a sea animal that is bigger than ship containers and if you think its a rare specie then you’re certainly mistaken.
2. Vampire Squid: Yes vampire like Edward, this squid emits light if and when disturbed.
3. The Baltic Anamoly: As any diver crosses this item, his electrical equipment stops functioning within 650 feet and a strong radio signal comes off from just near the item.
4. Anglerfish: This deep sea creature uses an appendage fixtured on its forehead to drag the prey towards it.
Deep sea angle fish Melanocoetus sp
Deep sea angle fish Melanocoetus sp
5. The Curious Case of Lost Submarine: In 1968 an unexplained loss of submarines by four countries: the United States, Russia, Israel, and France took place. It is believed the losses could have been government cover-ups or the nuclear-tipped torpedoes misfiring into the vessel.
6. Sea GooseBerry: This creature bears long, sticky tentacles which it uses to catch small particles and animals. Although it does not sting like other jellyfish.
7. Residue Feeding bacteria was found almost 1000 feet deep inside the sea. And you thought nothing could survive that deep down!
8. BigFin Squid has tentacles spreading up to 15 feet and this creature is one of the rarest found under the sea.
9. Battling snails use iron compounds in the form of scales to protect its fleshy foot. And some armies are researching to include them to improve their battle armour.
10. Hydrothermal Vent Worms that look like the red lipstick that you own dont have a mouth and a digestive system, they feed on the bacteria for its food.


So all those divers and explorers who were dreaming of that dive in the Indian Ocean, do explore the possibility of meeting these creatures on your excursion!

Image Sources: Tumblr.com, list25.com