Facts That Tell Which ‘Party Animal’ You Are?

Facts That Tell Which ‘Party Animal’ You Are?

It’s quite rightly said that we all have an animal inside us. Animals are as amazing as humans, even more I should say. And that’s why we are told to party like an animal!

So let’s check if you can match up to their wilder side & be the life of your next party.



1. Elephants

‘Multi-tuskers’ they are. They use their trunk for breathing, spraying water, touching, grasping and making sound.

So, are you the one who drink, dance, drink, scream, drink, order for another at the same time?




2. Honey bees

Honey bees dance to communicate important information such as where food or a new home can be found.

So, are you the one who dance throughout the night to fetch your food, mate & her place?



 3. Dolphins

Dolphins are known to show altruism.

So, are you the one who takes care of every sloshed friend of yours & drop him home after all the jazz?



4. Dogs

Are you a dog?



 5. Lobsters

They never get old. Older lobs are more fertile than the younger ones

So, are you planning to be naughty even at 40 & over?



6. Pigs

Who do nothing & love tummy rubs.

So, are you the one who comes, do his shit & leave? Of course after getting their ‘type’ of tummy rubs.



7. Horses

Horses have the unusual trait of being able to sleep both standing up and lying down.

So, are you the one who is good in sleeping over hangovers?



8. Butterflies

A butterfly’s sense of taste is 200 times stronger than ours!

So, I prefer to party with my Hauz Khaz friends on Saturdays  & keep the Def. Col. Ones for Sundays.



9. Rabbits

Rabbits can see behind themselves without turning their head.

So, you know when to turn around, spill the drink & ask him for dance?



10. Hippopotamuses

Hippopotamuses are the second largest land animals, but amazingly, can run faster than a human.

So, are you good enough to take a run when caught drunk by your parents?



11. Mice

Mice are remarkably adaptable to almost any environment, making them one of the most successful mammals living on Earth today.

So, where is the party tonight?



12. Sheep

They have very good memories.

So, you remember what happened between us last night?



13. Ducks

Ducks have waterproof feathers (which is good for a species that spends so much time in the water!)

So, you are gonna stay in that beer pool even today?



14. Turkeys

A turkey’s head can be red, white, pink, blue, or gray, and change colour according to his mood, with a solid head and neck being the most excited.

So, are you the party host tonight?



15. Chickens

Chickens have a complex language all of their own, with over 30 different types of alarm call depending on the type of threat. They also have great memories and can differentiate between over 100 different faces. A mother hen and her chicks begin communicating even before the chicks hatch out.

It’s a girls night out today!