Find Out How Oxygen And Friends Are Similar To Each Other

Find Out How Oxygen And Friends Are Similar To Each Other

Sounds  scientific but oxygen is important for all living creatures because it is important for our cells to survive. If our body does not have enough oxygen, our cells will not be working properly. If total oxygen is removed, our cells will die and eventually so will the person. Same is with friends! If you are short of friends, your life becomes boring and without any life. This is how it happens…


1. It goes without saying that both are our lifeline.



2. Whenever in stress, deep breathing and a quick chat with your friend always works.


3. When they are around you feel alive. Moreover, they are the reason of your being.



4. And life seems to be more precious and valuable.



5. They keep us going in life no matter how down you feel.


6. You don’t realize O2 ‘s presence unless it suddenly leaves you. Same is with friends.


7. They both come and go ( inhale and exhale) but always stay with you..



8. You can always feel their presence even subconsciously.


9. They never leave you alone even if you don’t notice them.


10. Why we need friends when we have so many relatives? Because there are so many gases in air, but we need O2 the most!


11. It’s hard to make real friends 0ut of all the people, the way O2 is impossible to be extracted from H2O.



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