Gifts to Make your January Girl Fall for you

Gifts to Make your January Girl Fall for you

January born girls are generally the fun and outgoing category. If you want to impress her, make her fall for you or make her fall for you more (if she is your girlfriend already), just pampering her won’t do. Especially when it is her birthday month. You need to step up your game buddy. So here are 10 fun gift ideas that you can use to make your January Born Girl feel that extra special tug on her heart and always think of you. Go splurge NOW.

A New Awesome Pair Of Wayfarers: Since the January born people are way too fashionable and adding the element of being girlie, wayfarers are the newest awesome fashion that everyone should splurge on.


The Power of Red Lip Color: Girls who are born in January like to exert and exercise their dominant and bold nature. What better can be an expression of boldness than a Red Lip Color? You’re sure to get lots of red stains on your cheeks though! *wink*wink*
An Elegant Watch as a Timepiece: Girls take ages to get ready. But on the other hand your amazing January born girlfriend has the bossy nature and wants everybody to go according to her. So the best gift for her something that keeps her on track & time.
A Bottle of Wine or Champagne: Despite being career centric, January born people are party lovers. And every party lover is said to be a lover of some alcohols. So add a tinch of girlie factor to it and gift her a champagne bottle or a Chardonnay.
A Date Organizer: Again being the well organized and perfectly career focused, your January born girlfriend for sure needs something to keep her schedule managed. Why not be the angel in disguise and get her an organizer?
A Selfie Stick: No matter what month born girl it is, one thing for sure that every girl simply loves is the newest fad of SELFIES. So, go get her an amazing selfie stick at the earliest.
An assorted Basket of Chocolate: Chocolates though might seem a cliched pick, but nothing is more tempting for your January born girl than chocolates. So get her an assorted collection of good (branded) chocolates. (Added benefit, share a chocolate kiss too.)
A branded Gift Voucher: As boys are the worst people to select on clothes to gift to their girlfriends, the best effort they can do is to give them a gift voucher with the freedom to choose whatever they want. Trust us, a ZARA gift voucher is all your girls wants from you!
A Kit of Perfectly Organized Grooming Box: Who does not fancy a grooming kit? I guess simply nobody. And hence why not pick an assorted basket of grooming and personal care products for your girl like moisturizer, foot spa cream, bath gel and some skin care products to make her day even more blissful.
A Spa Session: Since we talked before about January born girls being workaholics, gifting them a peaceful spa session can be considered a wise choice guys. You can always also choose on a couples spa session and enjoy to the fullest.


So, guys here we are at your rescue & girls do add in comments any other gifts you think you’ll love!

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