Hum ‘APP’ Ke Hain Kaun? Every Maniac Friend Of Yours Is Like...

Hum ‘APP’ Ke Hain Kaun? Every Maniac Friend Of Yours Is Like One Of The Mobile App.

Saara time phone mein lage rehte ho! Saara time dosto se chat karte rehte ho! But have you wondered that some of your friends have trait same as that of apps that we use daily? Each one of us have a bunch of crazy friends and after spending so many years with them, we know them inside-out. And similarly we spend a lot of time chatting with the same idiots on our phone!

So, of course they tend to exchange some common traits like:


1. Mr. #Twitter 

One friend who will always have a special opinion of his on everything. And of course he thinks he is always right. #Expert comments!



2. WhatsApp ATM  (All Time Messenger)

The one who comes up with something or the other at any hour of the day! *ping ping*



3. Miss. Instagram 

Your perfect selfie partner. You guys pose whenever and wherever you are and look flawless every time! P.S. – Pouts when in doubt.



4. Pinterest Poker

The one ‘jise ungli karna bada pasand hai.’ Oops! It hurts.



5. LinkedIn Ladki

The one who believes in only being professional. In his walk, talks or clothes. Suited!



6. Senti Singh a.k.a Facebook Fakira

The loudspeaker who loves to declare his life publicly. Break up, patch up, match up sab kuch!



7. Youtube Nautanki

The most entertaining and interesting chap. The one who can always make you smile with some or the other gesture.



8. Snapchat Jasoos

Like your snap becomes invisible in few seconds. He also vanishes like that! “Bill pay karna hai? Main zara washroom hoke aaya! or I was about to tell you something but usne mujhe mana kiya hai! ”



9. BBM- Bak Bak Machine

The one who loves to talk and can’t stop- a.k.a chatterbox!



10. Iphone Attitude Wala

The ones who like to be only in their GROUP. Exclusive for particular bunch of friends. No new entries or exits please!



11. Shakki Skype 

The one who wants to witness everything. They don’t believe you or in your words till the time they don’t see it.



12. Olways Orkut 

No matter how far they are, they will always be close to us for the memories they have given us to be cherished. So much like Orkut!



13. Google Girlfriend/ Boyfriend/ Wife

They have an answer to everything. No matter what!



Kyunki har ek friend APP hota hai.. toh apt hota hai! Tag your friends along and share a laugh!