13 Awesome Things You Will Find Time For After Your Break Up!

13 Awesome Things You Will Find Time For After Your Break Up!

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Break ups are bad, worse & make you really uncomfortable. They make you cry, sob, feel lifeless & bad about everything around. But when you know you need to move on, it’s always good to look at the brighter side. Take some fresh air, feel the freedom & get on with more reasons to celebrate yourself! Here are things you will find time for after your break up!


  1. You’ll finally have some time for a good read & complete your favorite novel which was pending from months.

  2. Now, you will have more time to hang out with friends which means more party.

  3. You will realize it feels good to be at home & simply do nothing.

  4. Now you can say, ‘It was all in the past’ & feel good about your well-thought decision.

  5. You get more time to relax & spend with yourself.

  6. You think about other exciting things in life & to try something new, like a solo trip to the hills.

  7. Catch up with people, you never talked to because of your ex.

  8. Yes, you are comfortable with that word, ‘EX.

  9. Plan a weekend getaway with your friends to enjoy the peaks of craziness!

  10. Meeting new people & talking to them is something you are now open to!

  11. Try to explore your hobbies like swimming, painting etc. for which you never thought you will get time for.

  12. You end up saving more & splurging on yourself.

  13. And finally, you will be having what you didn’t had for long, Peace Of Mind. Goodbye ex!

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