If You Are Among Those Who Feel A Woman Loves To Shop,...

If You Are Among Those Who Feel A Woman Loves To Shop, You Need To Watch This

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You’ll Be In Tears After Seeing What Happens #WhenAWomanShops?

Women are considered to be the ‘Born Shopaholics’. There have been plenty of studies and researches with an unanimous result that women are selfish shoppers! They love spending on themselves and prey for the latest trends. And most of us don’t even find it surprising to hear or say.

But we were not one of them.

We decided to find out the truth. With first of its kind, a social experiment breaking the myth about women and shopping. A proof that will shock you, move you and bring a smile. If you are a woman, it will make you proud. If you are a man, it will change your perception forever. But more importantly, we expect this to start a conversation that will make the world rethink its opinion about women’s shopping.

And as someone who shapes opinion, we would like you to join this dialogue to see women in true light.

Disclaimer- All characters shown in the video are real life couples.