Know Amazing Facts About Your Lucky Number

Know Amazing Facts About Your Lucky Number


As we all know there is something or the other in a person’s life that he or she considers to be the luckiest and I am quite sure that every one of you might be having a lucky number that you relate with your success and achievements but do you know how this number connects to your luck?? I guess you would like to know about it as you might have curious out of different question popping round your mind after you read the title of the post .. I am not going to trouble you any more you can read the below mentioned meaning of your lucky numbers and relate them with the reasons why that number is lucky to you.



it is the number that is said to be the best, and also is known to be the luckiest by the masses as this number signifies the starting point and also represents begging, one is also considered divine in many cultures and ancient civilizations as it is related with divine the one single divine “god” it signifies being at the summit in terms of achievement represents the things of single existence and divine origin that is like for example the sun.


number two define combination and togetherness is basically considered to symbolize wisdom and knowledge and if you have this number as your lucky number you are a lucky one indeed, two is a lucky number in terms of relationship as it signifies strong and balanced partnership.


Number three is known to be the one of the most unique number it’s a sacred number in many mystics and connotations, and if you have your lucky number as three you are lucky, lucky, lucky and yes lucky as it relates to most important things of human existence that is “present, past and future”, “birth, life and death” and “begging, middle and end”.


This number is mostly considered to be the perfect as it relates to a perfect figure that is a square it defines equity and a strong foundation in terms of pillars. It signifies important phenomenon of earth as the four phrases of moon the four winds and the four elements according to west that is earth, water, fire and air.


Number five is considered to be lucky in both Chinese and Muslim tradition as it defines the divine five times of worship in Muslim tradition while in Chinese tradition it refers to the five blessings that is health wealth luck life and peace . This number refers to the fifth lucky stone thrown by David which brought down goliath with an attitude

“too big to miss”.


This good luck number relates to love and relationship it also signifies beauty and high idols .number six relates to love card in tarot and also the number of planet Venus that is considered to be the god of harmony, love and passion. It signifies balanced  relationship and honest communication.


Number seven is of combination of two numbers that are no. 3 and no. 4, no. Three relates to heaven and soul and no. Four is considered to be the no. Of earth and body .this number relates to spiritual and psychic relations wisdom and higher reasoning often signals good timings.


Having the most attractive formation this number seeks attention of many. Its formation figure is a close figure that is considered to signify “the lost shall be returned back”.


Number nine is a magical number and it represent completion and fulfillment’s the number of wisdom and leadership number nine is considered when one is looking out for inspiration and fulfillment.