Lessons My Girl Friends Taught Me For Life

Lessons My Girl Friends Taught Me For Life

There is no doubt that women prove to be a better support system for us as compared to men. Each one of us have our special girlfriend to pour our heart out and who had taught us lessons for life! That’s what make us love them more than ourselves and these few reasons just add more to it:


1. “Ladke hi life mein sab kuch nahi hote!” Never under estimate yourself. You are way better than any guy and too awesome.


2. Before leaving in the morning, if you change clothes twice or thrice or more it’s normal.


3. Yes! Shopping is cure for everything.


4. It’s okay to click 50 selfies’ a day or pose 100 times a day! Don’t be guilty.


5. Crying doesn’t make you weak. It’s simply a way of expression.


6. Learn to say no. You don’t have to be available for everyone, all the time.


7. Being friends doesn’t mean you can’t act like bitch.


8. When can’t figure out something? Call.


9. Gossip is the best way to pour your heart out. Nothing else!


10. Yes, you can love your girlfriend equally or more than your boyfriend!


Let your special girlfriend know, what you feel for her! <3



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