Some Logical Reasons Why Dropping College Is Not Enough For Being The...

Some Logical Reasons Why Dropping College Is Not Enough For Being The Next Gates Or Zuckerberg

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Because they dropped out of Harvard and not some Chhotu Ram University

Making it to one of the most renowned educational hubs, does tell the tales of their innate talent.


Because they didn’t simply do it because college sucked. They had plans to start a great company the next day.

Zuckerberg was already blowing the lid off of his early Facebook idea when he dropped. Michael Dell was shipping computer kits with backorders when he left college. What’s your plan?


Because it’s not a trend for entrepreneurship. Some did it because they’d no choice.

Steve jobs found college too expensive and dropped. Bill gates was on his knees with the Microsoft project and didn’t want to wait more fearing someone else would beat him. However, Jobs continued attending auditing classes and somehow managed to enroll for Calligraphy. And Gates did get his degree 32 years later.


Because they already knew their work so why learn it?

They didn’t get a billion dollar idea overnight. They had it in them. You know Zuckerberg built an intra-net software program called ZuckNet when he was just 11! He knew his subjects and didn’t need to learn it so he lost nothing when he dropped. Coming up with an idea is not enough. Having the caliber to work on it is what that counts.


Because they didn’t need a degree to justify their skills. You may do.

You may have knitted side plans for your career that don’t need a conventional degree. Even if they don’t, it’s still better to have one anyways. Life is too unpredictable you see. Your college course may not be directly related to how you’re planning to earn a living. But there may come a time where you’d need a piece of paper to speak of your skills. In case it never pays, it at least won’t hurt.


Because it’s just a matter of a few years

And you won’t be stuck in the campus forever! May be a little patience is all that it takes. Get over it. You might not regret.


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