Perfect Relationship Advices for Men That You Must Follow

Perfect Relationship Advices for Men That You Must Follow

Guys we know how you cannot handle a relationship well at all and always seek resort in advices from your equally bad at relationship boy-friends. So, today we thought we will give you your to-do perfect advices to remember in relationships!

The girlfriend is always right: Guys knowing this will make your relationship feel so mature. Just know that it is never your girl who could be wrong. It is very easy and an ALWAYS rule.


Saying sorry really helps: In case if you’re thinking that you have to say sorry all the time? Then the answer is f*cking hell yeah! Sorry is your safe word to save you from all the fights.
Do not tell her that the food she made does not taste good and never ever compare her food to the one your mom makes. The results could be fatal and lead to you not getting breakfast ever!
Forgetting anniversaries and birthdays is criminal: Do anything to curb this. Put multiple alarms, mark your office calendars or cram the dates. Do whatever it takes for you to remember the anniversaries.
A ‘good morning baby’ avoids most of the arguments: You just type and send across the message and your girlfriend will be ‘Awwww, he misses me’ and ta-da, half of the problems solved.
Avoid mommy talks: Do not ever mention the fact about how your mom hates her. This is the ultimate fuel to the fight and will lead to worst arguments of your relationship.
Going to Shopping with her is only way to keep her happy and the work does not end there, you must also pay the bills and ensure that you two have a quality dinner together no matter how much you hate it.
Cricket matches are never more important than ‘you-not-cleaning-house-fights’: If she has asked you to clean the house and you are couch potato-ing watching cricket match then you are screwed.
Ogling is strictly prohibited: If you are walking with her (even when not, we have sensors) you cannot ogle at any girl at all. This is the rule of thumb to save you from any fights.


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