Please Arrest Ram Rahim For Hurting Our Religious Sentiments

Please Arrest Ram Rahim For Hurting Our Religious Sentiments

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The irony is, an artist can get arrested for mimicking a self-proclaimed baba, but a baba cannot be arrested for mimicking the god, he claims to be an agent of.

It’s quite difficult to understand who better deserves to be blamed, the poor fellow who never knew his innocent act could ‘hurt’ somebody’s sentiments, the law that allows artists to be threatened, abused and controlled by the fear of it, the fan club of the god-man which does not stop loving him after even his hypocrisy or may be the fact that Kiku Sharda doesn’t have enough power ( of money and source) to get away with whatever controversy it is, like his fellow actors.

There in the clouds if he ( because she cannot be a god ) ever sat, he would just loath himself for creating beings who could make a mockery of their creator.

Mr. Ram Rahim, please answer the following question that have been hurting so many of us-

If you did not spend one single night in the jail after dancing in the ‘costume’ of the tenth living Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, why should Kiku be even arrested for mimicking somebody who is not even one tenth of the Sikh Guru ?

Thank you ‘Messenger Of God’.



When on this earth are we planning to grow up ? Learning to not be blind, learning to understand that nobody is in rivalry to mock us, understanding that the real intention behind somebody’s joke is not to hurt our sentiments but to honestly use that joke as an instrument to help somebody smile.

Dear Dera Sacha Sauda chief, I am sorry if you feel this article is an effort to insult you, or to spread how foolish you are. That will never be anyone’s intention, and even if it is, how can it belittle you? You are such a fine man. 



You might be doing cleanliness campaign, blood drives, tree planting, disaster relief, and support for transgender people, tribal communities, orphans, and rehabilitation of sex workers. The work that people will fail to ignore in this whole episode.   source



But,  you killed some of your good work when you got arrested a man loved by transgenders, orphans, sex workers, diabetes and cholesterol patients. Aren’t these just the same people whom you were trying to help? Aren’t his and your target audiences somewhat the same?

Then why be upset, dear Ram ? 😛