Radhe Maa Dubsmash ROFL !

Radhe Maa Dubsmash ROFL !

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After Raadhe Maa’s hot London trip photos here is another ‘chamatkari kalakaari’ our dear Maa seems to be loving. Hilarious , Asharam Bapu has withdrawn his bailout application after knowing he’s soon going to be joined by Raadhe Maa in the jail. She’s been making headlines for the past weeks , one of her dear Bhakts even claimed that they used to kiss Radhe Maa for divine purposes. Ram Ram Ram. LOL

Thank ‘GOD’ , that you sent these GOD MEN AND WOMEN , they keep entertaining us periodically, wait and watch who’s the next in the row.

Until then enjoy this Radhe Maa dubsmash and if you don’t laugh out loud, you can certainly complain in the comment box. LOL.


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