Unexpected Reactions Of Indian Teens On The Documentary ‘India’s Daughter’

Unexpected Reactions Of Indian Teens On The Documentary ‘India’s Daughter’

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Where we all stand shattered and shocked after witnessing ‘India’s Daughter’, we still haven’t managed to digest it. The brave act of director Leslee Udwin has made each one of us question our ‘existence’ in this country. We are furious, we are agitated. That filthy creature talking ruthlessly about women has left each one of us feeling ashamed! From where comes this mindset? This audacity?

We questioned our Indian teens and here’s what they want to say:


1. “I saw the whole documentary and there were moments when I just wanted to cry!”- Divya Anand, Student.



2. “How dare he thinks it was the girl’s fault? At least now the country will know what rapists think.”- Mehak Sharma, Media Journalist



3. “It’s not just about illiterate people, even the educated ones think alike!”- Shyam Sharma, Software Engineer



4. “I wonder what there wives and daughters feel about having them in their lives?”- Priya Gupta, PR Executive



5. “I feel people with such mindset will never change. And I still feel unsafe about being a girl.”- Somya Sarna, Student

Delhi Court Found Four Accused Guilty In December 16 Rape CaseSource


6. “I just hope the future generation raises their kids with more values and not treat women like objects!”- Rahul Bedi, Writer



7. “I don’t mind girls being killed in this country any more. Death at birth is far more better than rapes.”- Sonali Walia, StoryAlert Writer



8. “Yes we are the weaker sex of the society because we think twice before going to the police!”- Pooja Gulia, Teacher



9. “If there is no place for women in our culture then why for such creeps?”- Saloni, NGO Worker



10. “I am disgusted but I still believe our generation can bring the change.”- Prachi Verma, Costume Designer



11. “I don’t understand the men and their dicks! Are rapes about sex or tharak or what? What’s the reason?”- Many of us!


Do we know the reason? Does the government wants to know? Will anything change and how?
What you have to say?