Reasons Why it is Better To Be Youngest in the Family

Reasons Why it is Better To Be Youngest in the Family

Being youngest in the family is as cool as it gets and here are some perks of the same:

Of course everybody loves you: You;re young means you’re their favourite. Since you are their favourite, you are loved the most.


Everybody gets blackmailed by you: Since you;re dearly loved, everybody trusts you with their secrets which gives you the edge of blackmailing everybody for it.
Extra Pocket Money: Since they think that you’re too young and new fantasies catch your attention, they are willing to pay you extra money for all those stupid fantasies.
Too much pampering: They cook you awesome food, they feed you with their own hands and all those cheeky pampering that generally nobody would do is given to you. And you really think you deserve it all.
You are always forgiven¬†based on your cute-quotient: Just laugh on something god damn stupid and you’ll be forgiven. When Mom is scolding you or sister is too pissed, just laugh abruptly and that’s your escape!
So much drama and good vibes: You in your heart know that your family is a complete full of dramas and awesome happiness and you do every bit to keep all that constant with your behaviour.
Close to everybody and hence their favourite: Again being youngest means everyone can trust you with their deep dark secret and keep you close to them.
Life lessons come to you from other’s experience: What hardships the elders in your family faced are life lessons for you and you are guarded by them so that you do not face the same.
Not too much fretting about what you say: There are times in family gathering when you do not think too much and just say anything and everybody tends to excuse you thinking of you as the youngest again.
Making everybody laugh in tensed situations: With so much pampering also comes the responsibility of keeping everybody happy and you ensure that you do so without a fail.

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