Reasons You Become More Excited For Your Bestfriend’s Wedding !

Reasons You Become More Excited For Your Bestfriend’s Wedding !

Weddings always brings an extra joy and excitement in our lives. And all this madness goes to another level when it’s your best friend’s wedding! Yes, the person with whom you spent most of the time of your life is going to do the same with his/her better half. The time will be shared or vanished for some time but what will stay is the eternal bond and love. Afterall, that’s what FRIENDSHIP is.

Let’s see why your best friend’s wedding is more of a big deal for you:

1. Time to perform together! Let’s prepare guys.


2. Perfect occasion for a perfect reunion. “Saare dost aayenge bhand hone.”


3. When for the first time you feel senti about your friend leaving.


4. You go along to shop for her. After all, you both have to look the best!


5. You are the second most clicked person after the bride. “Hey, she is my BFF.”


6. Best place to meet new people, make friends. Also, marriages = maaroing chance.


7. The bachelorette where you drink like a fish and swim in alcohol. “Chaar bottle vodka.. kaam mera roz ka..”


8. Your presence in all ceremonies is as important as the bride and the groom.


9. Yes! You actually prepare a speech about GOOD things of your friend. First time ever.


10. And then you realize, “Oh fuck! Meri bhi hogi next.” And you never know if you find your match as well.


So, Chak de phatte! DJ gaana lagao!



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