Reasons Your Best Friend Will Always Be Your Best Friend

Reasons Your Best Friend Will Always Be Your Best Friend

Some relationships are god-gifted and then some bonds we humans create by ourselves. The most epic and strange form of bond that we have is of BEST FRIENDS. We are crazy together, sad together, happy together and drunk together. So, here are a few reasons to why your best friend will always be your best friend forever!

You cant ever get through any heart breaks or problems without your best friend. They will get you everything you need from ice creams to tissue box to pep-talk. Simply ALL.
Who saves the day when you are having the worst day possible? Always your best friends. They will drop at your home unannounced and surprise you with a night out plan. 
Those tiny little secrets with your best friends are the best part of your bond. I mean pinky swears will lose their meaning if it were not between 2 best friends.
When you have a fight over at home or at school, your good friends come and see you. Your best friend goes to those people who hit you and give them an awesome lesson and then come kick you for getting into useless fights.
They will always be there to tell you to act smart and not fall in love again and again after every 2 months to save you the heart break troubles and tears. Although they know they will still be there if that happens again.


They will always be there if to save you from every body be it your parents, your siblings, your teachers or even the police. It is a best-friend’s code to simply ALWAYS be there.
If you ever fall down, your best friend will always be there to pick you up post they are done laughing at you for a continuous 3 minutes. Because there is nothing as hilarious as a fallen friend.
They are the ones who will always tell you how fat you look with full honesty because they know that those comments are the only mode to motivate you to go to gym eventually.
Those crazy hangovers with which you come back home your best friend will always stay by your side and find out stupid ways to get you out of it so that you reach home safely.
They will never ask you to drop them a text if you are going home late, because they will always be the ones to drop you back.


This is the reason best friends are ALWAYS your best friends forever. No matter what!