Some Sarcastic Questions Only Vegetarians Have To Face

Some Sarcastic Questions Only Vegetarians Have To Face

Dear Meat-Eaters, We're Perfectly Fine The Way We Are. Thanks For Caring!

The world has been polarized into two sharply contrasting groups-Vegetarians and Meatetarians (I prefer it over non-vegetarians). Have you ever had a friend who’d be freaked out with just the idea of being anywhere near to chickens? Or are you that friend yourself? A vegetarian life is not that easy as everyone (almost) who falls into the latter group seems to have a keen interest in knowing how they actually survive. Some offer them a piece or two from their own plate just to take them out of their apparently miserable life. While others keep popping up with a whole lot of questions to quench their curiosity about how it feels to be a vegetarian. Are you one of those who faces the questions or the one who bombards them? Which ever category you belong to, you’re gonna relate to these questions pretty much as I do.


1) Ghaas phus par zinda kaise reh lete ho!

First of all, vegetarians are not synonymous with cattle. We do eat plant products but we don’t roam around the fields to graze grasses. Have you ever rolled your eyes upon the delicious items listed in a hotel menu (apart from the ones you usually stare at-chicken haandi, butter chicken, chicken lollipop, etc.)? Yes! we too eat mouthwatering foods and we don’t need an animal’s leg to satisfy our taste buds. Got it!

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2) You don’t get as much energy as we get, right?

This is a crazy debate that has been raging back and forth since antiquity. But surveys prove that vegetarians CAN and ARE ABLE to get adequate nutrition from an exclusively vegetarian diet. Do you want me to name the vegetarian athletes setting serious milestones in the race of strength or have your silly assumptions already turned upside down?

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3) Why don’t you eat egg? It’s veg.

Well some of us can and may but not every vegetarian necessarily needs to be an egg kha leta hun one or egg wala cake kha leta hun one, for that matter. The bakeries do bake stuffs up exclusively for us (and those are tasty too) so you need to stop worrying about us, folks.


4) You’re missing out on the greatest pleasure of life. Do you feel incomplete?

No, I’ve a boyfriend and I don’t need a chicken to give me a hug and make me feel complete. Moreover, not all of us have taken this veg lane due to some family custom or religious issues. It’s a choice. And yes, if I ever feel low because of not being able to bite up some flesh, you’ll be the first one I’ll count on. Promise!

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5) You kill plants that give us oxygen. Aren’t you the culprit?

Wow! Looks like you seriously need some biology classes. Plants give us veggies and fruits as they’ve been designed for this very purpose. And a plant is not killed when we pluck a fruit or veggie. It has already used its energy obtained by photosynthesis (if you’ve ever heard this word) for itself and we are just feeding on the extra stored one. Do I need to explain more?


6) How will you survive in western countries?

Now this one has some logic but not that much to convince us to be one of you. We’ve been perfectly okay so far and will survive somehow no matter wherever we go. I’m sure the restaurants over there offer salad lunch and all. Thanks for caring by the way.

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7) Are you Vegan?

Now don’t make me explain the difference to you!

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