Are You Straight? But Not Everything Needs To Be Straight

Are You Straight? But Not Everything Needs To Be Straight

What is it like to be a man, a macho man rather? Oh, don’t tell me you do not know the answer to my question. Afterall we grew up with all those beautiful projections of masculinity and the slogans of ‘Be a Man’ in our TRP-hungry daily soaps and box-office hits.


Between people telling you be tough and rough, not to cry aloud, not to choose one colour, not to be too gentle and polite or not to speak your heart it is that the human inside you died and a MAN rose to life.

And probably that is how you learnt what is straight and what is gay.


You never understood what that really meant. How could be a male be more straight than the other. Were they talking about the man-pride : THE PENIS? Or what was it?

You never really understood. But you went on, calling people gay for being who they were. You began learning how to crack ‘tu gay hai kya?’  jokes. Okay, so may be it was not you who cracked that joke, but dear you, did you not smile and laugh at that joke of your friend? That’s when you happily agreed to partner him in the crime.


Do not get me wrong, I do not mean that you were born with some Homophobic gene in your DNA, but it is a vicious cycle. You got conditioned to believe that homosexuality is a disorder, but then if you accept what was told to you and pass on the same incorrect, absurd and stupid notions for a type of human beings, then you are harming a lot of lives.

Did you also change your facebook dp to rainbow some months back? Stupid, that wasn’t for monsoon’s welcoming. It meant something more.


My dear man, show the guts of your balls and accept this dare. If you are really a bold one, take this challenge- End Homophobia.

It is no request, it is the mess that we have all created, supporting the insane assumptions about gender and sexual orientations.

Time to take a stand. Choose Now.

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