Ten Annoying Sounds We Struggle With In Our Day To Day Life

Ten Annoying Sounds We Struggle With In Our Day To Day Life

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Sounds seem to be the basic unit that rules our moods in life. With melodious sounds we feel blissful and joyous. While there are some sounds that make us irritable, restless and exasperated. Here I am picking up ten annoying sounds we struggle with in our day to day life:


  1. During night when our ears catch the sound of water dropping from the tap in the bathroom!




  2. While struggling with insomnia our ears show high sensitivity towards the noise made by second’s needle of clock. Tick-tock!



  3. We grind our teeth after hearing the noise made by chalks/nails scratching the blackboard’s surface. Eeeee…

    Scratching sound

  4. It becomes annoying when door’s hinges start singing creek-creek on every entry and exit.



  5. While attending a seminar or a lecture, our concentration and mood both face a downside whenever somebody passes by in her heels or shoes in that silent hall.


  6. And who can forget that irritating brain damaging loud noise while adjusting mike.



  7. Can you remember those maddening sound waves coming while scrubbing of a paper sheet on wall before painting it? “Reng maar…”


  8. We want to shed our ears while hearing a shrill noise of dragging of a steel chair!

    steel chair


  9. While we often fall in love with the compassionate or seductive voice of a female, some ladies have ear-piercing-thin-high-pitched voice. Remember any?



  10. Last but not least, singing of mosquitoes over our ears; especially during those calm and silent moments when we are trying to sleep or submerged into deep philosophy! Zzzzzz…


Let us know which sound you find annoying?

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