The Perfect Proposal Guide for Boys

The Perfect Proposal Guide for Boys

Dear Boys,

We all know you run a little low on romantic ideas for your girlfriends when it comes to relationships. Girls being the most gentle souls, do not pay much attention to that. However, when it comes down to proposing things should get spiced up and romance should be an integral part of it. So here is a perfect proposal guide for you served hot on a platter:

STEP 1: Buy a perfect ring. As you know that if you like it then you must put a ring on it. So buying a ring becomes a must-have before proposing and shop from some decent place and do not go for any cheap options PLEASE.


STEP 2: Practice your lines well in advance. We know you are bad at expressing and hence, practice everything you want to say during the proposal at least a million times. You do not want to hear a NO.
STEP 3: Choose the perfect location. The ambience and the atmosphere plays the most crucial mood for the right proposal. Having to be at a romantic restaurant or alone watching a movie is a must-have in your proposal guide.
STEP 4: Add some romance ninja touch. Go a little over board and add some touch of sweetness and gestures to your proposal. Something like a bottle of wine, live music or singers or cake. This will be an accelerator to your proposal.
STEP 5: An element of surprise is crucial. Go a little step ahead and add a surprise to the whole plan. May be a sudden welcome of friends, a picture video of you two or something as little as a flower bouquet can also be counted as a surprise.
STEP 6: Capture this moment for her. Although you know all about it so you do not need a memory of it. But your girl really needs all this to be captured. Bring in a photographer or a videographer to capture this beautiful moment for her.
STEP 7: Go down on your knees. Every proposal should be made as you go down on your knees and ask her in your prepared speech if she will be your girlfriend or will she marry you. Since it is a request cum question, being humble is very important.
STEP 8: If the response is yes, put the ring on her finger and get up of your knees and just hug her tight. She is too ecstatic and happy to be thinking something and so needs to be hugged to take all of it.
STEP 9: Even if the answer is no, do not fret about it. Just simply get back up and ask her about her reasons and tell her that you will discuss this later on.
STEP 10: Just sweep her off her feet. You found the girl of your life who wants to stay with you for a lifetime. Be happy and pick her up in your arms and rejoice the moment.


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