These 10 Facts Show That Anna Hazare Is Betrayed By Kejriwal, Bedi...

These 10 Facts Show That Anna Hazare Is Betrayed By Kejriwal, Bedi And Many Others

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Kisan Baburao Hazare urf Anna Hazare, the social activist from Ralegan Siddhi, who had India’s top politicians dancing to his tune, is not to be seen or heard. Here are some facts that show that Anna Hazare has got nothing out of that Anti-Corruption Movement at Ramlila Maidan, not even credits.


1: People who used to assist and support him, have jumped into politics using Anna’s movement as their launchpad.



2: Arvind Kejriwal, his right hand man, has launched his own Political Party and has become Chief Minister of Delhi once.



3: There are rumours that Arvind Kejriwal used money collected during Anna’s movement, in promotion of his Aam Aadmi Party.


4: Kiran Bedi, his left hand person joined BJP and contesting elections as CM of Delhi with no mention of Anna Hazare in her success.


5: General V K Singh also joined active politics after sharing stage with Anna multiple times. Presently he is minister of state in modi governement.


6: Media has also ignored Hazare as he is no more a TRP machine for them. None of the News channels are showing Anna, not even his reaction on Delhi Elections.


7: No body from these so-called followers of him, actually follow or brace Anna’s suggestion.


8: As per some sources, Anna Hazare’s movement was backed by BJP and RSS initially to create an Anti-Congress Tempo. After the movement and desired results, Anna was ignored.
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9: Anna Hazare’s innocence and lack of political knowledge led him being used by his subordinates.


10: Anna, Who had the nation’s leaders vying to share the dais with him a couple of years ago, is back where he started – a lonely man.


Nevertheless Anna recently said “I’m capable of fighting alone for the future agitations on Lokpal… I do not wish to speak on Kiran nor Arvind and dirty politics”. I wish him all the best and am sure that he will nail it this time!!