Things that Happen When You Go To School Re-Union

Things that Happen When You Go To School Re-Union

School is one time of our life which stays in our heart beyond eternity. No matter how much we crib during the school days, once we are out of there we miss it with all heart and wish it had never got over. The beauty of this is the fact that where we explore every day how amazing and simple our lives were in school. And hence, in school re-unions are one of the most awaited events of the year. Here are things that are most likely happen on re-unions.

If you were the fashion diva of your class and wore the shortest skirt in the school, most likely all the guys of the class will be waiting for your grand entry in re-union.
If you were the most studious person of the class, nobody out of the class will meet you as nicely as compared to the way teachers will meet you & they will be the only ones so excited to see you.
If you were one of the class bunkers, the people who will be waiting to see you will be the guard bhaiya, canteen bhaiya, the gym trainer and the saamne wale banta bottle wale bhaiya. 
If you were the student who was everybody’s friend, then all of the classmates, the seniors, the juniors everyone will be dying to meet you.
If you were the naughty child in the class and created a chaos in everyone’s be it the teachers, the students everybody will be there to see you and wonder how responsible you have become now.
If you were the football or the basketball captain then your entire team will be there and will welcome you with arms wide open. And you can always go to the ground and have a small match to revive those memories.


If you were the class monitor, then probably nobody wants to meet you. And if somebody tries to meet you it will only be to see if you have managed to make it big in your life or probably how well are you managing you own kids now.
If you are currently the CEO of some amazing company, I am pretty certain everybody has come to the re-union to meet you. Not to ask you for a job or because they are envious of your success, they just simply adore you for your perseverance and want to congratulate you on your success.


There are certain happiness which are best shared with others. School re-unions are definitely one of them. So make it a point to visit your re-union every year. & SHARE this article if you belong to any of these categories.


PS. : Mr. CEO, any good opportunities in your firm please? *wink*


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