Things Women Say That Are Always Misunderstood By Men

Things Women Say That Are Always Misunderstood By Men

Women know that they are too complex for men to understand and way beyond their usual thought process. Women say things that they don’t really mean in a way that you won’t really understand. So this small dictionary article will help you decode secret codes of woman like never before, that are misunderstood by men. Read it carefully.


1. Nothing: Definitely you’re wrong. And it is high-time for you to figure out what have you done.


2. Do I look fat in this? : It is not a question. It’s a trap and the right way to escape it is by giving a compliment.


3. NO: It means dont even attempt to do it. And if you dare, you’re gone.


4. YES: In most of the cases, this also means NO. But woman want you to figure it out yourself.


5. May Be: And this is a definite NO without having to say the word “NO.”


6. It might be nice: If the sentence opens up like this then just omit might and straight away do it. No questions asked, just do it.


7. Fine: This means you’re gone. The argument is over and you’ve long lost but she will say fine and fight it over some other time again.


8. It is OK: Believe it is not OK. It is never OK. Until it is not FINE, it is not okay. And fine is also not right.


9. Are you even listening? : It means you’re not listening and you have to now listen as she gets angry and scolds you like a kid.


10. It is upto you: This means you have to do it the way she wants you to else don’t do it or you’re screwed again.


11. 5-minutes: If it is about her getting ready, it means almost 45- minutes. And if it is about you to be getting ready, then it better be 3 minutes or else don’t try.


12. Whatever: This is the worst form of fine and fatal for your health.


13. We can go anywhere you like: Take her to her favourite restaurant because probably where you like is sitting home on playing on X-Box. Don’t do that.


14. We need to talk: End of your story. She will talk, you have to quietly listen.


15. I am not upset: She always IS upset. There is no question about it. But when this comes up, it means now you have to get her a diamond ring to convince her.


16. I don’t want to talk about it: That’s there. Final judgement. Last call. Don’t speak.


It is not that difficult to understand woman. And you better do because it comes from a woman!


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