Things You Must Do With Your Girls Gang

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    Your girls gang is the truest form of friendship that you can ever get. These are the girls who will love you no matter what and will stick with you in all your thick and thin! So you must return the favor back by doing all these thins with them ASAP.

    Go on a shopping spree: When in dire need of street shopping, you girls can gang up together and extract a lot of bargains from the shop!
    Take a road trip: Together hit the road and just have kickass fun. Driving down the meadows or hills with your girls is a blissful experience.
    Participate in a crazy competition: Go for a crazy bestie beauty peagant or may be some sack jumping competition with each other and it will be crazy fun!
    Pacts Signing: Together mutually decide and sign pacts with each other about how you will always be the best of friends and meet each other on a specific date every year.
    Create Too Many Memories: Its nothing like too many pictures when it comes to having a party with your girls. Click a lot of pictures and create too many memories together.
    Gate Crash a Wedding: Go crazy-bonkers and you all can gate crash a wedding as you dance together and have kickass fun!
    Have a Cooking Session: Girls love cooking and having a cooking session, learning new dishes together will be amazing fun!
    Learn to Ride a Scooty together: A girls gang is all capable of doing the craziest of sh*t together. So go out together and learn how to ride a scooty and then just have fun!
    Go on a Night Out: Plan a night out with an all-girls gang, go to a club and dance your hearts out. Trust me, there is nothing better than dancing with your ladies!
    Gossip nights: Keep a night to simply gossiping. Collect all the information and disseminate to your besties in an all gossip night.


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