This Girl Found Out 6 Ways to Deal with Her Guy’s Female...

This Girl Found Out 6 Ways to Deal with Her Guy’s Female Friends

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Every girl will feel completely unsafe and insecure if she knows that her boyfriend has female friends. Its a feeling of jealousy which is very natural to any girl. Actually, no one loves sharing their loved ones with other females, even though we know they are just friends.

It’s obvious that you can’t control what you are feeling, however, there are a few useful tips for you to follow in order to learn to deal with your partner’s female friends. You can unconsciously control the situation, and tackle the situation smartly by doing the following things:

1. Don’t be frenemies! Hang around with her too.

12If you don’t want to meet her, you can invite this girl to hang out with you, your boyfriend and other friends. In case she has a boyfriend, you can also invite him. You will see what she acts like when she’s near your boyfriend. Pay more attention to her body language, it will certainly tell you the exact thing going on.


2. Be yourself- Chill, she is just a friend!

If you have to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends, by all means do all possible to get rid of tension and discomfort. Simply relax and be yourself. It is you whom he loves.


3. Suspicious phone calls and messages by her? Ask him casually.

12If your bf receives phone calls from a female friend and you want to know more about that person, just go ahead and ask him to tell you about her. Do not torture yourself by negative thoughts. That girl might be his colleague or a female friend who is already married or has her own partner. He might even trust you to let you read his text messages from other female.


4. Stop worrying! It’s no use really.

Pay attention to the way your bf treats the woman you are worrying over. If she is treated by him just like a good buddy or a male friend, then there is no need to get nervous. Do not ruin your relationship with unnecessary suspicion.


5. Do not spy. Express yourself and ask.

1You will know whether he is lying or not. The quickest way to find out is to talk to him about the problem. Let him know how you feel and ask him to explain the moments that seem to be unclear to you. Give proofs of your suspicion, if any. It is absolutely normal to talk about such issues calmly. Make sure you do not piss him off.


6. Do not pay attention, until very obvious bluff is suspected.

5You cannot make the person disappear/ change country. Lol. However, you can always ignore those whom you dislike. If they irritate you, never let them know about that. Be neutral, but never rude. As long as he is with you remember that you are more important to him than any other woman.


The fact is that to stay absolutely calm in this kind of situations is very difficult. Unwanted suspicion will only put your boyfriend out. are you going through exactly the same and trying to solve the problem at the moment? Let us know how successful you are.


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