Top 9 Ways To Make Your Crush Like You

Top 9 Ways To Make Your Crush Like You

We all develop crush on someone and always keep on dreaming about the time when they might like you back. But now we have some tips and tricks for you to make your crush for like you back just the way you like them!

The first meeting: As it is quite rightly said, first impression is the last impression when you meet them for the first time it should be in an amazing set up. Go for an amazing movie or a fun park and they will always remember that experience and you of course!


Maintain Your Distance: After your first date, try and play a little hard to get. Do not get back and instantly text them across. Wait a day or two and then make an extremely sweet gesture.


Highlight yourself: If you think they are still looking out for reasons to like you, try showing them off your skills. May be a different language you know, or play them some song on guitar. BEWARE: Show them off and bragging to them are 2 very different things.
Challenge Them: During your conversations, do not nod to anything and everything being said. Ask them questions, counter raise points and then they will have all your attention, and will want to talk to you more.
Give Them Signs: When together, try and make some physical contact, subtle ones. It really helps if you give them some signs that you wish things to work out. But not too explicitly of course.


Mystery Charms: Do not be an open book in first few meetings. Try to work the charm of mystery on your crush. Its sexy when someone tries to be a bit secretive and unveils things slowly.
Blushing Cheeks: This might sound a little woman centric but guys can try this out too. If you blush when being complimented or on small gestures they do, it makes them feel how important you are to them.
Funny-bones: Make them happy. Make them laugh and try to keep them involved in the conversation by acting all fun. This always attracts anybody towards you and especially your now-crush-would-be-something person.
Social Awkwardness Unacceptable: Try to mix up with their friends and be all cool & fun around them. If you are socially awkward, you might turn them off and it might not lead anywhere after that.

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