Types of People You Find In Metro

Types of People You Find In Metro

So Delhi Metro can be easily classified as being one of the most amazing places to get to observe people and pass judgements. The homogeneous mixture of crowd in the metro starting from the gossip aunty to the staring into someone else’s phone uncle is the what makes the metro the most happening transportation in the country. Here is a list of types of people you will definitely find in metro.

Book Worms: There is this one lot who simply do not bother about anything in the world but their book. They will sometimes be so lost in their books that they miss their stations and there are times when they do not even blink their eyes while reading. God knows how!
‘Candy Crush’ Crush: There are people who have the hugest crush on Candy Crush and have pledged that they will beat their own high scores every in the time exactly from Noida City Centre to Yamuna Bank. And the times when their game gets over, the disappointment is so evident on their face!
Staring Creepy Uncles: Those uncles who strangely love to stare. Stare at anybody or anything random. Starting from the corner advertisement to the chain of the bag of the boy standing next to them. Something catches their attention and they are zoned out completely!
Stinky and Annoying: The worst category are the stinky ones. As soon as they enter the coach, their aura is felt in the entire train because of the scent that they carry with them. Dying right away is a better option than standing next to this lot in a crowded train.
The Loudspeaker: These are generally people’s favorite since they get to giggle and laugh out on the loudspeaker people who talk on the top of their baritone and manage to grab every one else’s attention with their gossip or what dal is cooking at their place tonight.
Love Birds: This category is generally found in the last coach of the metro standing in possibly the remotest corner. They look like almost 1 person since they stand so up close to each other. Although some of the might seem cute, but then some couples simply need to get a room.
Gossip Aunty: The aunty who knows what Sheela Aunty wore in the Gupta Aunty’s son’s wedding to whose son ran away with his office colleague, this Aunty is fully up to date with everything. The gossip aunty makes sure that their companion aunty has caught up with all the spicy news she has (and so does the rest of the metro).
The Seat Grabbers: These people have the alert system of an invigilator. They will few seconds before just know who is going to get off and in the nano seconds of their de-boarding the train, the seat grabbers have already taken over their territory.
The Adjusting Category: The aunties who insist on always adjusting. No matter how small or what corner of the seat they get, they will ask you to adjust and sit there. No matter how uncomfortable and bothering it would be even for them, they will fit in there.
The Headphone Ignorance: These are the coolest music freaks who simple do not care about anything and are just busy enjoying the music on their headphones. The world does not matter to them at all.


So which one of these are you? Or what all categories have you explored? Share with us in the comments.

Gif Source: Tumblr.com & Pinterest.com