Watch How These Kids Celebrated Their New Year In A Way You’ve...

Watch How These Kids Celebrated Their New Year In A Way You’ve Never Heard Of

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Watch this video and feel the happiness, before you read what it is about. 😀

No, , this is not a random video of a few teenagers partying their new year.

Instead it is a story of change, how a few of them changed the definition of celebrations and charity with an event.

There’s something special in their party. Guess what ?


These kids from Ghaziabad invited sixty kids with disabilities and from weak socio-economic backgrounds to a community event which they called “SAPNEY : CELEBRATIONS OF OUR SHARED DREAMS.”

They did not knew what it was going to turn out like, but they were certain of their noble purpose of spreading love and joy.


And finally when it happened on 3rd of January, it was something like this-

60 Special Children as their guests

60 Children and Adults as participants

3 Participating NGOs

5 Enriching Sessions

1 College Theater Team { SAMVAAD }

3 Sufi Performers +  1 Guitar Performance + 2 Synthesizers

200 Cloth pieces were collected and distributed

Over 500 packets of snacks distributed

Community Dance / Community Parliament / Community Games



And how was it all possible ?

Well , not a single penny was charged from any participant on the name of registration fee. Not a single printed banner was used. And not one penny was paid to anybody for conducting sessions even. Everything was powered by love and happiness.

Isn’t that amazing? 

It doesn’t take much for those who can afford to read this article, to host such a an event. The entire event took less money than a party of 5 people in a fast-food restaurant.

But it needs us to change how we view our celebrations and charity. How we choose to define a ‘party.’

Hats off to these kids and all those who prayed, participated and provided for this wonderful initiative, hope it inspires you to do good in your own locality.

Keep smiling, keep helping.  😀