Ways to Make Your Make Up Look To The Point

Ways to Make Your Make Up Look To The Point

Only girls understand how important it is to make the make up stick throughout the day. A touch up is kind of difficult for girls since they are busy being awesome and gossiping. But there are certain make up hacks that can make a girl’s make up look to the point the entire day! Lets try these hacks and you will see evident differences.

Mascara: If you’re putting on mascara, always sweep the brush towards your nose instead of applying it upwards. This makes your lashes look fuller and your eyes bigger.



Perfume: We have a habit of scrubbing off perfume from our wrist as soon as we apply it. Instead never ever do that. This habit will leave your perfume long lasting and keep you odour free.


Winged Eyeliner: Use a spoon to get an on point winged eyeliner. For that perfectly aligned winger liner, just place a spoon above your eyes and draw the wings. The results will be flawless.
Smoky Eye: You can achieve the perfect smoky eye effect if you just put a hashtag (#) mark on the corner of your eye and blend it in with the rest of your make up.
Lipstick: This old school tip is really helpful in making your lipstick stay longer. Apply a coat of lipstick and then put a tissue on it and dab the tissue with powder. This simple trick really works in making your lipstick stand longer!


Oil Free Hair: Apply dry shampoo on your hair at night so that when you move around at night, then shampoo gets evenly spread on your scalp and gives a better look in the morning.


Nail Art: Before doing nail art, wrap your nail with fevicol and let it dry for a while. Now as you apply nail paint even if it goes out, you can easy get rid off it by removing the layer of the fevicol.


Shoe Blisters: A simple way out to avoid shoe blisters is to apply gel perfumes on your foot before putting on any pumps or high heeled shoes.


Nail Paint Softener: If your nail paint looks bubbly or dry, put it inside the fridge for half an hour before application. This is a good method to save the texture of the nail paint
Lipstick Savior: If you broke your lipstick by chance, just use a lighter around the broken piece and it will get fixed really fast. This trick is really helpful for those reckless and fidgety girls!


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