Weird Yet Funny Things We Do During Exam Time

Weird Yet Funny Things We Do During Exam Time

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During exams, we all become nervous. We put our best efforts to get good marks and fulfill our parents expectations. To break the seriousness, we end up doing some funny things that later become memories of our life! Here are some of the most common and funny things everyone of us does… You will surely have the laugh of your life !


  1. Discussing with our study group whether we have the correct final date sheet or not…”Are yaar Maths ke liye just 1 day :X !”


  2. Secretly making your own study time table-“I need to start my revision when my friends have just started studying.”


  3. Trying to impress the teachers, so that they tell the most important topics that are not to be avoided.


  4. Attending extra classes in school as well as coaching…If that’s not enough, then we organise group studies in a friend’s home. “Mom, I don’t have time to meet relatives yaar.. I need to finish my course!”


  5. Buttering and making friends with class topper, just to get the xerox of her highlighted notes, references, hand written secret codes and what not!


  6. Memorising numericals, algorithms, periodic table and some very important logical questions, of which figures are changed every year, but the logic remains the same!


  7. Every classroom has that one student who will ask an extra sheet within 30 minutes after the exam started! “Oh teri! kya speed hai…lagta hai sab aata hai isey!”


  8. Pray/ try to bribe the lab assistant/peon, so that he tells us what’s the topic of practical experiment.


  9. Scheduling loo time with different section’s friend, to discuss the difficult questions- “Sshhh… tujhe no. 6 ka answer aata hai? bata na jhoot mat bol !”


  10. If, by any chance we complete the exam before time, we unbelievably recheck everything 5 more times-“It seems I’m missing an important question…!”


  11. Everyone else gets tensed looking at you-“Isne itni jaldi kaise finish kar liya yaar?”


  12. Most important of all- Waiting for your friends to complete the exam, so that you can discuss all the question-answers.


  13. Knowing that you cannot change what you already wrote in the exam !


  14. We make fun of the one who finish the exam at last- ‘Tu so gaya tha kya bey?’


All the best for your Final exams Guys! Especial wishes goes to those giving ‘Boards Exams’ this year !

Enjoy the read, and tell us which of these have you experienced…

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