What Annoys Your Boyfriend the Most

What Annoys Your Boyfriend the Most

We all know the rant that Pyaar Ka Punchnama guy spoke about girls. And girls also have now realized that sometimes they’re a bit too irrational with their boyfriends. But there are certain things that girls do unintentionally that catches the boy’s attention and makes them super pissed off. Here’s a list:

Clicking Selfies: Yes we know you look great and that new dress and it’s colour is simply awesome. But that is done for the day. Why to click a million pictures of the same outfit in different kinds of pouts. You’re out with us and not with Snapchat! Give it a break.


Turning up late: Why can not girls ever in their lives say the true time that they require? It always has to be a minimum 15-minutes time which they keep separately for just making the guys wait. Why does it ALWAYS have to be there?
Taking forever to get ready: The foundation, then the compact, then the liner then the mascara and so much more. And then finally just when we thought you’re ready, you think that your shoes don’t match the outfit and then you need to swap the outfit to match the shoes. Argghhhh!
Too much of make up: Guys are more fans of girls who are natural and look beautiful with their nude face. But they live with your make up. However, when it is over done guys just can not take it and it might even end up in a severe break up!
Unnecessary Jealousy and Possessiveness: Just because your boyfriend turned and looked at that girl does not mean that he is into her. Agree or not but you also check out other guys and think for once he’s cute. So that simply do not make him cheating on you.
The Mommy Behaviour: Your boyfriend must already have a mom back home who ensures if he is eating right and wearing the sweater and brushing his teeth. You are his girlfriend, you must spoil him with lazying around with him and eating with him and kissing him when he did actually brush his teeth. Never try and be his mom.
The Sati Savitri: Boyfriends do not want a miss-touch-me-not around them for sure. If they are committing to you, just trust them enough and a little bit of make out and hand holding does no harm to anybody. Until and unless you’re not crossing the line, just go with the flow. Trust me, you’ll love it too.
Talking Gossip Queen: No guy wants to know what your Chachi’s sister wore on her cousin’s kids birthday. Boyfriends are the zero gossip category and people we do not know do not matter to us. So its a simple no gossip zone.
Emotional Atyachaar: The girlfriends who cry over every single pity issue as if they have a water tank fitted in their eyes annoy the guys most. Why do you have to cry on every thing and then expect us to console you also?
The No-Secret Keeper: You two had an amazing make out session and then you go out and say it out loud to your best friend in an instant. So not cool. There are certain things that should remain a special memory between the couple and your best friend shouldn’t always know everything about you!

PS: This is intended for some girls. Other wise we girls are the best girlfriends ever! 😀

Gif Sources: Tumblr.com