What Can Your Finger Length Tell About You?

What Can Your Finger Length Tell About You?


Had you ever thought the length of your fingers would reveal your personality traits? Well, if you did not, you have been proven wrong. The picture you see above shows different types of finger types, based on sizes of index, ring and middle finger. You need to match the same with your left hand and find out which type are you, A,B or C.


A) The full of charm and charisma. Realistic in outlook.



People who have a ring finger longer than the index finger tend to be jolly and have an energetic aura around them, they usually attract people more than other types! A’s are those who can keep talking about themselves all day long, be it any situation. Also they are great at conflict solving skills. They believe in being more compassionate about life than competitive. They quite often become scientists, engineers, soldiers, and crossword puzzle masters.


B) The I-regret-nothing types



People with shorter ring fingers than index fingers are confident of being who they are, and the ones for whom getting things done is a molehill task. They are silent introverts while working and successful in most of their tasks because of their sustained perseverance. They’re pretty much clear of what they want in their life and that is something they will not like to be told or distracted from. They are satiated in what they own, but also have that lust for more.


C) The peace loving good people types



C’s are the peace-loving people. People with even ring and index finger length are well managed in themselves and always ready to adjust with situations and people. They do not particularly believe in disliking people, and hence they make for very good parents, spouses and professionals. They are often best suited for jobs that require more patience and public-relations.


Does this sound like you?

Which letter are you? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!