What Happens When You Visit A Punjabi Get Together For The First...

What Happens When You Visit A Punjabi Get Together For The First Time?

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1. The first thing you ask yourself when you enter a Punjabi house is, “Have I mistakenly entered a ZOO?”


2. And even before you get comfortable there are already 10 people around asking the same thing over & over again!

Beta Kaam kya karte ho? Pehle se jaante ho ap inhe?


3. Everyone eyes you as a perspective bride or groom for chacha ke bhai ke saale ki biwi ke bhatije ki behen/ bhai.


4.And you are stuck in the dilemma of, ‘Paer chune chaiye ya Namaste hi thik hai?’


5.Where as a child you always craved for a pat on your back, here you are loaded with, ‘Hor puttar! Ki haal hai?’


6.They always find you weak & under-weight even if you gain 10 kgs. & say, ‘Lae! Kitni kamzor ho gayi hai! Sukki pai hai..’


7.And of course! Once they have found a problem, a ready solution is also there. “KHAANA.”


8.Now, we present you the galore of sumptuous food which you find only in a typical Punjabi house, like, dal makhni & lachcha parontay with extra ghee!

“Par beta apne lassi toh pi hi nahi? Aur halwa? Meetha toh khaana hi padega. Asli ghee mein banaya hai. ”


9. So, now when you are at the table, let’s talk about money. “Beta kamaate kitna ho? Package kitna hai? Hamara bête ka toh 20 lakh ka package hai. Varna apna business toh hai hi. Itni zameene kiske liye li hai humne.”


10. The moment you decide to answer, a train of children passes you by and you get confuse where to look & what to answer!?


11. You feel inferior when you watch uncles double of your age enjoying, peg pe peg! ‘Ik hor lao bhai! Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha.’


No matter what, visiting them is a complete experience within itself. Big hearts. Big smiles. Big pegs. Afterall, punjabiyan de ghar ho ji!