BJP’s Defeat Explained In 5-Point-Modi

BJP’s Defeat Explained In 5-Point-Modi

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Well the irony is the person with single largest criminal case on him is the single largest power contender and isn’t even eligible to be the CM of Bihar. More than what today’s victory means for Nitish and Lalu, there is more for BJP to realize, here is a list of things that loosing Bihar would mean for BJP –


1. PM cannot be the CM of any state. So high time to stop projecting him as so..


Throughout the Bihar elections it was Modi fighting in all constituencies. BJP had taken the Delhi Election message too badly, they failed to find a charismatic local face to have led the campaign despite being careful enough not to make any celebrity their face. And as a result the leader of the nation became the CM-candidate of a party, perfecting to a total disaster.


2. The Anti-agenda doesn’t work in today’s India!



BJP seems to not have learnt any lesson from their Delhi debacle, they lost another fort to their rivals for having criticized them and not have had any agenda of their own. Instead of telling people what they had to offer, Modi ji was busying explaining how bad Nitish and Lalu were in most of his 26 rallies.


3. Votes cannot be bought anymore, not even by development packages before elections modi--s-package-for-bihar_144006626700


When the lakh crore package was announced, some called it a political candy while others thought of it as a voter magnet, though it was obvious the package was to lure the Bihari voters. It just did not work out for the Modi government. Think of their sorry state now 😛 , itne paise bhi diye par fir bhi kuch nahi mila.  Oh poor dear..


4. You cannot win by teasing, scaring or fooling people



Amit Shah’s Pakistan remarks, poor sobriquets like Rashtriya Jaadutona Dal or others have certainly showed BJP that Bihar is no easy cake, the voter of Bihar cannot be easily fooled by the age-old political tools. New Bihar decides its fate independently and wisely.


5. Intolerance pays you back


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You cannot get away with what you say and do so easily. If intolerance continues to grow and the public is visibly protesting and being vocal about it, could you expect the voters to let your deeds go unnoticed?  Much need not be said, but more than the “Tolerance Marches” you take out, the voters speak it all.


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